Ailumia 360

An AI-Powered e-Commerce Software Suite To Help Grow Your Amazon Business

Uncover Hidden Opportunities

Market Radar

Define market segments with keywords and discover promising opportunities. See in-depth data on market demand, sales performance, market share, and more!

Extract Key Market Insights

Get a bird's-eye view on the market landscape through data including product demand, competition, market concentration across brands, and profit projections for each ASIN among other key market insights.

Validate Product Ideas

Take the guesswork out of your product research with the help of our machine learning algorithm. Determine your product idea's selling prowess with estimated sales data and profitability with estimated Amazon fees.

Grade Prospective Market Segments

Further verify market opportunity score with our proprietary mix of metrics including demand, competition, and Gini coefficient to determine the potential of your products.

Identify High Converting Keywords and Search Volume

Keyword Beacon

Tap into your competitor’s keyword ranking strategy and identify the most effective keywords to drive valuable traffic to your listings.

Identify Short & Long Tail Keywords
  • Keyword beacon uncovers valuable keywords and reverse-search competitor ASINs to help you discover shopper search terms and their monthly search volume. 

View Historical Search Volume

Analyze past shopper search trends with weekly, monthly, and quarterly data. Identify keyword seasonality and popularity to grasp the full narrative of a product's market landscape.

Extract Product Type Keyword Strategy

Reverse-search one or more competing ASINs to find the top performing keywords for a product type. Leverage competitive insights and add them to your listings to drive traffic and increase your revenue.

Create Product Descriptions In Seconds

AI Copywriting Generator

Create engaging and effective content for your product detail page in an instance with this AI-powered copywriter.

Generate Effective Product Copy

Our natural language generation model is trained with millions of best-selling product content and their corresponding keywords. Set keyword perimeters and auto-generate multiple high-converting titles, key features, and descriptions for your product detail page.

Apply Relevant Keywords

Import your keyword list and create an SEO strategy that includes all high-ranking keywords for your product copy. Makes sure you don't miss out on relevant keywords that will help generate high-converting traffic for your product detail page.

Automate Your FBA Inventory Management

Inventory Manager

Accurately predicts your FBA inventory’s reorder quantity and when to place your orders. 

Keep Your Finger On The Pulse Of Your FBA Inventory

Assess your FBA inventory with real-time data. Inventory Manager lets you know the inventory status of each product  so you're able to pin point ASINs that needs to be reordered soon and ASIN's that are overstocked.

Predict Sales & Profits

Analyze other inventory metrics with Inventory Manager's forecasting algorithm including revenue, profit, average sales, and average profit.

Prevent Long-Term Storage and Stockouts

Reduce expensive long-term storage fees and prevent products from going out of stock with the forecasting algorithm that ensures your stock level is just right.

Create Product Descriptions In Seconds

Sales Analytics

Consolidated sales data on one dashboard. See profits, expenses, and your products’ financial health at a glance.

Extract Key Market Insights

View Gross Merchandise Value units sold, expenses, and more on one multi-product dashboard. See sales over time with custom date ranges to understand how your efforts impact the bottom line.

Product Level Details

Dive into specific product performance and explore GMV and sales details, advertising performance, and Amazon fees.


Sales Performance & Bestsellers

View your monthly performance on a chart and see your daily best sellers leaderboard.

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