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Smart Selling In A Digital World

We use proven strategies and proprietary AI tools to help derive enhanced insights from big data to maximize sustainable and secure growth across valuable e-commerce marketplaces.

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You own inventory. You sell it
You own inventory. We sell it.
We own inventory. We sell it.
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Proprietary Technologies

AI-Based Sourcing

Classify millions of products through data clustering. Analyze and identify winning product niches and selections.

Data Intelligence

Track SKU level P&L and receive real-time KPIs. Understand the competition and monitor market share trajectory.

Advertising Automation

Deep learning bid optimizations and automated budget balancing to reach targeted advertising goals.

Algorithmic Re-Pricing

Dynamic repricing and competitor monitoring to maximize revenue and profitability.

Data-Driven Supply Chain

Master supply and demand through data-driven forecasting and optimized inventory levels.

Listing Recommendation

Drive discovery and conversions with data backed optimizations and rank across organic and paid.

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AI in Product Selection

By leveraging deep learning in the analysis of market data, we take away all the guesswork involved in product selection. AI helps us identify product type market size and competition, allowing us to accurately target high-demand, low competition markets to penetrate.

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What we've done

Big Data Processing

Collected and processed more than 30 million products building a robust foundation for our product selection AI.

Product Selection Engine

Identified hundreds of profitable product niches with an average ROI of 186% through our proprietary AI model.

Advertising Optimization

Advertising spend optimized at 3% of revenue and achieved an Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) 4.84.

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